Q. Why wouldn’t I just use a messaging App?

A. There’s some cool group messaging Apps about, but when organising social events, with SeshMe you can organise your event AND chat in real time about it from one app. SeshMe allows you to book and plan a Sesh a day, a week, or a year in advance, and automatically links all messages back to that Sesh so everyone knows what’s going on.

Q. Why wouldn’t I just use Facebook Events?

A. You’d be surprised, but there are some people who don’t use Facebook! SeshMe doesn’t ask you to set up a profile and is private by default. We’re confident you’ll find SeshMe a lot simpler when you just want to connect with a group of your real life friends, and all your friends need to join you with SeshMe is a mobile phone. Go on, give it a try!

Q. Is SeshMe really free?

A. Yes, the current version is free, and the features in the current version will always be free. We will be introducing some premium features in the future that may cost a dollar or two, but they will be optional. Your friends will always be able to join your Sesh’s without paying for the App.

If you are sending Sesh invites to friends who dont have the App SeshMe uses SMS from your phone, and this will cost you whatever an SMS usually costs you.

Q. What platforms is SeshMe available for?

A. Just for the iPhone at the moment (or the iPad, but in phone screen size). Android is coming very soon. Windows Phone and Blackberry aren’t really on the radar, but if you think we should consider them please let us know.

Q. What if my friends don’t have SeshMe?

A. SeshMe will send invites to your App-challenged friends using SMS. The SMS invites will have a link to a mini web page that will work on their mobile phones and show them all the info they need to join your crew.

Q. I have some ideas for improvements, do you want to hear them?

A. Absolutely! Please let us know via the contact form here.

Q. How do I add friends and contacts to SeshMe?

A. You don’t really need to. SeshMe works by reading your existing mobile contacts list and uses it as your friends list. You certainly can (and should) invite your friends to use the SeshMe App, as that will make it much easier for you all to catch up, but you don’t have to.

Q. Does SeshMe keep a copy of my contacts list?

A. Yes, but for very specific purposes. We need to have a copy of your contacts list on our servers so we can keep track of which of your friends has SeshMe, and let your friends with SeshMe know that you have it too. This lets SeshMe send you invites and messages direct to you via the App rather than SMS. We will never use contact information for any other purpose. If you cancel your account your contacts list will be deleted. For more information check out the Privacy Policy.